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2016 - The year to Catch Up, Clean Up and Sort Things Out
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      Just as you have your "Personal Year" every year, so does the world as a whole. This comes from the year number itself. This is called a "Universal Year".  

      Yes, I know I should have sent this out to you all in say December, but life has a way of changing the way things flow.

      2016 is a lovely "9 Universal Year", which means (as the title says) it is time for the world to do some major spring cleaning, before we start our next cycle of nine. For, if you don't do this now, we shall all be stuck with escallating versions of whatever is carried over and that is never a good thing.

      Personally I really don't want to see the world carrying on such negativity and selfishness for another 9 years, and escallating at that! So it is time we all got this stuff out of our systems and got ready to make some serious changes to the world.

      How, as a whole, we will be affected is different than how each of us is affected individually. Those whose personal numbers are farther and farther from the years universal number will have a much harder time this year than those who's numbers are closer, or work well with, this years number.

      So, for someone like me who has a 9 life path and is in a 3 personal year, 2016 will be, for the most part, a year full of not just cleaning up and organizing, but bringing out/back things that I had put away. It will make me look at them and decide if I should keep them or not. I am, of course, not talking about physical items so much as personal ones, as well as world views. Things I have learned to do, worked on, chosen to believe, etc. Things that I had stepped away from, some more recent, and some that are many years/cycles old, and will give me the opportunity to see if they are things I wish to carry with me into the next universal cycle. Many, if not all, of them will come through contacts with other people (as the 3 is very social). Since I am a 9 by nature, it means the changes will be more profound, as I already look to change by nature, not fight them like many do. However, anything I had been trying to ignore will certainly come out now.

      For someone who has say a 1 life path, this year could bring a lot of conflict for them, in that they have a tendency to like to start things, get moving, try the new, and 9s (personal or universal) are not for that. So a 1 will have to face larger life changes in a 9 universal year (compared to a 9 personal year). They would already have issue with the 9 personal, as it makes them look at their own life and makes them "clean up". However, the universal 9 takes this to a much grander scale. Dredging up anything they have held onto that is not only not good for them, but not good for the world.

      This years 9 is very evident in all that is going on around the world. So much pushing for change. So many meeting that change with the urgency of the 9 to make it happen now, as to not get stuck. Yet you also have all those who are fighting against the 9 and its change, trying to keep things as they are.

      Should we allow ourselves to back down from the massive energy that is being thrown around right now, we will see such a long hard cycle for the next nine years. Starting in 2016 and ending in 2025. I personally do not want to watch the world stuck like that. With all the anger and conflict, manipulation and closedmindedness we have going on right now. It is escallating now, because it needs to be cleared out before the new cycle begins.

      Now is the time we should all be putting out our best effort, and our brightest energy, towards a more peaceful and kind, understaning and positive world. If we don't do it now, I fear for us over the next cycle. So pull out your ideas, for the world and about people in general, and really look at them. Do they help? Do they really still make sense? Is there something nagging at you that needs to be changed, but you have been procrastinating or avoiding it? Well now is the time to start changing it, so we can change the world!

      Have a wonder filled rest of your 9 Universal Year!

Happy Calculating!

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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