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The Numbers and Their Meanings
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      Everyone has their own interpretations of what the numbers in Numerology really mean. You can find hundreds of pages, if not thousands, of them on the internet. However, in most cases, they are repeated. The same texts copied from page to page, article to article, without any real thought into the meanings they carry.  

      Below you will find another view on the numbers. Some information is the same, and some may be a tad different. They are meant to enrich your knowledge of the numbers and help you see them with fresh eyes.

The Number - ONE

      The beginning. The creator and the creation. The seed from which all life sprouts. One is sometimes referred to the Number of isolation. Is the point of origin. The dot, speck, spark, from which all starts and evolves. The soul.

      The one is original and independent. It is full of courage and ambition. Ones are strong of will and love being in charge. This is the number that tends to stand out.

      The one can also be lazy and dependent. When it is feeling fearful or stagnant, it can become selfish and very stubborn. Ones do not handle showing of weakness well, nor are they good at sharing. When feeling extremely off balance a one can become almost tyrannical. They can often be found as antagonists and bullies.

      A one’s gifts are: self-sufficiency, invention and mastery. The challenges of the one are: assertiveness, egotism, bluntness, ambition, dominance, willfulness, and impulsiveness. The one needs to: establish individuality and make a name for itself. A one fears: being overlooked. Ones make great: writers, directors, inventors, public figures, business owners and designers.

The Number - TWO

      Represents duality. Alteration and diversity, conflict and dependence. Two is the roots that spring from the seed to secure its growth. It is stability and reflection. Two represents the dual nature of things.  Two is the opposites that both attract and repel. Two is The Number of relationships. The circle, the pair, the connection. The body from whence life is born.

      Twos are loving, gentle and adaptable. They are friendly, charming and have love to cooperate. Twos are often found doing things in service to others. They seek harmony and are quite adaptable.

      However the negative side to two is seen when that caring goes away.  Twos, when they are unhappy or feeling out of sorts can be over-sensitive and indifferent. When off balance twos tend to start sulking, slacking off and being careless. Twos, if left in this negative state, by themselves or others, will often turn to mischief-making and cruelty. This is done through deception, lying and being temperamental.

      A two’s gifts are: charm, understanding and supportiveness. The challenges of the two are: self-consciousness, fear, hesitation and over-conscientiousness.  The two needs to: be in reciprocal relationships and have security. A two fears: the unknown, unplanned change, being alone and making mistakes. Two’s make great: Artists, technicians, psychologists, healers, bookkeepers and coordinators.

The Number - THREE

      Three is the creative power. It is growth. Three is the tiny plant springing up through the dirt to see the sun. Three is a number of forward moving energy and expression. Three represents courage and compassion. The triangle, pyramid, the thrill of meeting the world. The spirit that flows from the body.

      They are highly artistic and love life. A Three considers freedom, sociability and kindness very important in their lives. They are also imaginative and often have good taste. Optimistic and friendly, the three can be the life of the party.

      The three, when off balance, then can turn whiny, worrisome, critical and vain. Threes, when negative, love gossip and have exaggerated pride. Taken to the extreme, and left to fester, the three can be extremely jealous, wasteful and intolerant.

      A three’s gifts are: enthusiasm, imagination and versatility. The challenges of the three are: exaggeration, lack of direction, unfinished projects, sensitivity to criticism and laziness. The three needs to: enjoy life, stay young and play. A three fears: loss of youth, restriction and boredom. Threes make great: motivators, coaches, writers, musicians, artists, parents, salespeople and communicators.

The Number - FOUR

      Four is seen as the first solid number. It is the tiny plant struggling to grow. Working towards its full height. Four represents Earth and order. It is often seen as representing the work and justice. Four is the builder. It is the number or the four cardinal points, four seasons, four winds and the four directions (as in North, South, East, West).  The path the soul, body and spirit must follow towards its evolution. The work and life lessons one must complete.

      The four is practical and organizing, devoted and economic, trustworthy and loyal. It is full of patience and likes to be of service. Yet when feeling out of sorts, the four can be exacting and repressive. Fours can turn crude and brusque when pushed to fire, leading them to be very stern, plodding and quite dull.

      When the four is out of balance things can turn quite bad. This can lead to hatred, jealousy, cruelty, violence and destruction.

      A four’s gifts are: concentration, realistic values and system. The challenges of the four are: rigidity, being over cautious and having a limited viewpoint. The four needs to: accomplish things and have security. A four fears: sudden change, deprivation and loss. Fours make great: Earth scientists, business owners, developers, lawyers, administrators, office workers and body workers.

The Number - FIVE

      Five is the in between. It is the flower in full bloom enjoying it’s time in the sun and the feel of the breeze. Five is the love and life enjoyed when the work is lessoned. The break time. It is the star shining down on life telling you to enjoy your time here. Five is the number of versatility. It is the heart open wide to the universe waiting to see what comes next. Five also represents strength and severity, up and down, happy and sad. Finding balance.

      A five is freedom loving and progressive. They can be quite versatile, adaptable and understanding. Fives are quite clever and love to experience life. Social creatures at heart, they do not do well when left alone. Fives crave companionship and variety.

      When the five is feeling out of sorts they can be quite irresponsible and careless. This leads them to become careless and they tend to procrastinate when there is anything they have to do. This thoughtlessness can lead to self-indulgence and personal harm, abuse of freedoms, abuse of alcohol or drugs and sexual addictions.

      A five’s gifts are: resourcefulness, a magnetic personality, motivation, competitiveness. The challenges of the five are: restlessness, procrastination or activity with no direction and lack of follow through. The five needs to: win and experience life to the maximum. A five fears: growing old, not seeing the world and boredom. Fives make great: public figures, developers, speculators, designers, news works, performers and agents.

The Number - SIX

      Six is the love and the family. It brings connection and contribution. Six represents equilibrium and harmony. It is the time of the fruit, now growing to bring more into the world. Six is the most productive of all numbers. It is often called the symbol of luck, health, beauty and also chance. Six can also represent perfect balance.  It is the joy of living and loving.

      The six is the responsible one. It loves home and harmony, domesticity and guardianship. It craves stability and wishes to protect those is cares about. Balance and adjustment, healing and justice. It is the burden bearer.

      When out of sorts, the six can become very anxious and worrisome, leading it to meddle in the lives of others. When a six starts to show pride, smugness and be unwilling to do what they must, something is wrong. It when they sympathize with those are also in the wrong, that the six will turn quite negative and leads to severe suspicion, jealousy and tyranny.

      A six’s gifts are: caring, the ability to compromise and reliability. The challenges of the six are: anxiety, being over-controlled, codependency and guilt. The six needs to: provide for others' well-being, to create security, have harmony, to love and be loved. A six fears: lack of resources and love, their world going to hell. Sixes make great: parents, educators, caterers, nurses, health workers, traditional professionals, counselors and coaches.

The Number - SEVEN

      Seven is the personal work. It is the lessons we have to learn about ourselves and where we are to go, now that we have learned our outward lessons. Seven is the plant, its fruit growing towards maturity, now has time to wait and ponder. There is no outer work. Only inner work to help it grow. Seven is the connection to the universe. It is the meditation and connection to the spirit. Seven has become significant in metaphysical, religious and other spiritual doctrines.

      The seven is extremely mental and much more detailed that most other numbers. They are true introverts and when doing well are poised and peaceful. Sevens are trustworthy, wise, keeper of secrets and helpful.

      However, if the seven has not been caring well for itself, it can become very melancholy and cold. Sevens can then easily become confused and nervous, which leads to them feeling humiliated. Then they can turn aloof, skeptical and erratic.

      Sevens, if left to fester, then become quite faithless, truly opposite of their true selves. This makes them become very turbulent and deceitful due to their suppression of their true feelings. Sevens who have gone down the more negative road often turn to into thieves and cheats.

      A seven’s gifts are: mental understanding, analysis and perfection. The challenges of the seven are: pride, narrowness, distance, rigidity, connection to the past, argumentativeness, temper and silence. The seven needs to: maintain control over life and to understand. A seven fears: failure to achieve standards and making a mistake. Sevens make great: consultants, professors, analysts, individualists, observers and occultist.

The Number - EIGHT

      Eight is the number of profit and harvest. It is the number representing the financial growth in ones life. Eight is the plant, who’s fruit has reached maturity and is now ready to be harvested. Thus bringing profits to the life of the grower. Eight, having gone through the prior seven stages, is the time when one can enjoy the fruits of their labor and look back on what has come before. It is the number of possibilities. Eight is seen as a good luck number.

      Power and authority, success and material freedom is a large part of the eights path. Eights usually have good judgment, are practical, dependable and thorough. They also tend to be very discriminating, self-reliant and controlled. They are driven by the power to succeed.

      When feeling not quite themselves, or out of their element, Eights will tend to be come hard and cold. They often will turn towards materialism, intolerance and power loving. This leads them to become careless, worrisome and impatient, using poor judgment and turning hard. When this occurs they become vengeful, oppressive and unfair. Eights who are truly off balance become abusive and cruel.

      An eight’s gifts are: decisiveness, courage, focus and delegation. The challenges of the eight are: belligerence, manipulation, anger and judgment. The eight needs to: exercise control over their  environment and to achieve power and status. An eight fears: loss of prestige, being at the mercy of circumstances and/or of others less capable. Eights make great: any type of professional, business owners, publishers, contractors, engineers, financial analysts and judges.

The Number - NINE

      Nine is the number of completion. It is the number that signifies reaching the end of one cycle and being ready to move on to the next. It is the plowing under the now dying plant and readying for the next season to begin. Nine is the end of the path you have been on. It is the time to finish up what you have started, lest you bring that work into the next path. Nine is composed of the all-powerful 3x3. It represents completion, fulfillment and attainment. Nine is often held to be the supreme spiritual power, and a celestial number. It is seen as an incorruptible number. Nine is the most powerful of the single digit numbers, as it contains all the numbers that came before.

      This is the number of those who love all. Nines are compassionate and humanitarians. They have magnetic personalities, but are quite understanding, romantic and generous. Nines follow higher laws than are just written down and often have a connection to higher selves. They are sympathetic and have a minds that are open to all forms of information. Nines have extremely detailed and evolved imaginations.

      When the nine is not itself they can become over emotional and start to live in their minds more than in the world. Nines can then become very impractical and fickle, not to mention over sentimental and allowing their great energy to just be lost to the void.

      Nines, after being left in this state to long, their connection to self and the universe starts to dissipate, leaving them quite bitter and vulgar. Their morality breaks down and they can become extremely negative.

      A nine’s gifts are: understanding, communicating and influencing. The challenges of the nine are: drifting, tolerance, losing focus and bad habits. The nine needs to: make an impact in a big way and be expansive. A nine fears: restriction of any kind and losing control of emotions. Nines make great: ministers, occultists, health workers, counselors, artists, crafts persons, community leaders and world leaders.

The Number - ELEVEN

      Eleven is the spiritual. It is a path one can be put upon, with in the cycle of 9, that is meant to illuminate the life it is within. Eleven represents the height a spirit can achieve, if given the opportunity. It is the humanitarian in all and the creator of the brotherhood/sisterhood. Eleven loves and cares about all.

      Intuition and spirituality are the true nation of this number. Elevens are full of fire and idealism. They are great at bringing out the love of life in others. Elevens are poetic and talented, yet their talents are meant for the good of all more than the good of self.

      When an eleven is feeling low they tend to become aimless and sad. This leads to a lack of understanding and feelings of superiority to cover that up so it is not seen by others. Elevens who get to negative can become degrading and dishonest. They can become very miserly and turn their caring into self loathing leading to all forms of self harm.

      An eleven’s gifts are: revealing higher truths, transformation, poetic interpretation and romance. The challenges of the eleven are: illusion, isolation, allergies and over-stimulation. The eleven needs to: live the dream. An eleven fears: drudgery, restriction, ugliness and boredom. Elevens make great: Media stars, poets, inventors, psychologists, ministers, designers, society figures, beauty queens and occultists.

The Number - TWENTY-TWO

      Twenty-two is the material master. It is of service to others and must only use it’s power from a spiritual and idealistic angle. Twenty-twos are magnetic, and are meant to make life magnificent and uplifting. They must base their life on good social principles. The are the ones who are meant to make peace. Twenty-twos seek to create love, happiness and prosperity for all.

      The twenty-two is power and direction. It is uplifting and master of material things. Twenty-twos can be very idealistic and persuasive.

      If a twenty-two feels unwell, or not their selves, this can lead to a serious inferiority complex and indifference. This creates a need to have more and more at all costs. Lowering the twenty-twos masterful universal energy down to the more negative baser planes of existence. This can lead them to do things quite opposite of their true character. Get rich quick schemes, con jogs, big talk, etc.

      Twenty-twos, if they keep themselves separate from their universal connection for two long will become vicious, cruel and harmful to others. Especially those who are trying to bring them back to their connection and their true selves.

      A twenty-two’s gifts are: vision, strategy, enthusiasm and perseverance. The challenges of the twenty-two are: being a workaholic, over-committing, failure through minor details and being ahead of one's time. The twenty-two needs to: raise standards everywhere and follow a mission. A twenty-two fears: limitation, struggle and not being able to achieve ideal. Twenty-twos make great: global planners, public policy makers, developers and leaders.

      I hope this gives you a better understanding of, and a deeper look into, the numbers, their personalities and how they may effect you.

Happy Calculating!

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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