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Life by the Numbers
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      So many people spend their time looking at only the personal aspects of Numerology and/or at the more common things. Names, birthdates, etc. But what about other things? What about the things you see and use and visit every day?

      Have you ever pondered over those?

      Ever wondered what is the numerology to this or that?

      If not, you should.

      Numbers are a part of everything in your life. Even if you donít notice it. Their energy and influence touch everything in the world. Yet most of the time no one looks at the numbers for them. Yet they are part of your every day life. Shouldnít you be looking at them then?

      You look at say your Personal Day Number, and maybe the Universal one to get a bit more info. What about the time? 24 hour of course. And what about the numbers to your house, or your apartment - including the physical address as well as the apartment number, or your social security number, or I.D. numbers? Then there is your home or cell phones, even your phone at work, and its extension if there is one. The V.I.N. of your vehicle. Not to mention your zip code, street name, subdivision, city/town, county, state, country, etc. All of these things effect your life and how it is lived.

      And they all have numbers.

      All of these things in your world effect your every day life.

      These all have Expressions as well as Life Path Numbers, but for the purpose of this article we are only going with the Expressions. I mean how many people do you know the date their phone or mp3 player was officially born? Hence not addressing Life Paths.

      However, as a side note, I would love to see some time how the life paths of some items effects how long the item itself lasts.† But that is for another article, somewhere in the future.

      Letís take your cell number as an example. Now some people would say well only use the last four digits because the others are used by all in the area, but I say that would be wrong. That is like using only say your middle name to calculate with and forgetting your first and last. You would not do that.

      Here is a random number, letís say 602-745-1278. No idea if that is a real number, nor who it would belong to, so donít go calling it or anything. This is just for calculation example purposes. So, we take that number and look at it. Well if you use only the last four as many suggest, you would only use the 1278 which would get you 18 and then finally 9. However if you look at the actual whole number 6027451278 you get 42 which is 6. Very different energy there.

      Now you could calculate it without the area code as well, and you should, because someone calling you locally will not see nor be effected by the area code. So then the number would be 7451278 giving you a 34 and finally a 7. So the number your phone number expresses locally is a 7 and long distance is a 6.

      That then shows that the calls you get / make locally on the phone give off a 7 energy while the long distance ones are a 6 energy. Neither of these leads to a lot of social calling nor a lot of business energy either. This is more of a lessons and family kind of number.

      The same goes for say your house numbers. Yet, so many only use the number when calculating it. Yes the numbers themselves are important and have the most direct influence, however the other info is important to. So, if you live at (again this is random information, no clue if the address really exists) 27564 Cypress Drive, Apt. 62, Albuquerque, NM 87123 then you would be looking at all the numbers in that address. †

      This means you have to add the components separate to make the original calculations and then add all together to get the full view.

They would be added up in this order:

Apt number .. 62 = 8
Street address .. 27564 = 24 = 6
Street name .. Cypress Drive .. 3779511 599(22)5 = 83 = 11/2
City name .. Albuquerque .. 13238359835 = 50 = 5
State name .. New Mexico .. 555 456936 = 48 = 12 = 3
Zip code .. 87123 = 21 = 3

      Now granted, all those are not part of the address you use, but they are part of the total address. Some of them would be required to send mail in the country and additional ones from outside the country. The County one is added for the records of the address if you go to say the county offices. So, it actually is part.

      NOTE: 22 and 11 are put like this (22) (11) when writing in lists of numbers as to differentiate them from them from being seen as just 1ís and 2ís.

      Yes, when mailing the full state name isnít used, however, it is actually itís name, so it must be used when making the calculations, for a secondary look, for a subtler energy included, you could do the calculation with the abbreviation instead of the full name.

      So, if you look at all the numbers involved in that address (I didnít include subdivisions or county since they are not part of a mailing address) you will see how much more number energy there is in it.

      You have the 8 of the apartment itself, coupled with the 6 of the complexís address. Added together they give you a 14 = 5 making the apartment itself both financially either beneficial or costing you a lot, yet you will enjoy living there either way due to the overall fun 5. The complex itself will be much more family oriented, making it either great for people with kids, for those wanting to have kids or for attracting people who are very close to their families.

      Add into this all the 11/2 of the street. Making the street itself a very spiritually charged choice, unless it is following the 2 rather than the 11, and then it would be for spiritual learning. It would also be great for plants and those seeking spiritual things.

      Now with our city number of 5 we get more fun and enjoyment along with a need for a break.

      Our state number of† 3 again gives us that social nature. The need to talk, enjoy and live life.

      Lastly we add in our zip code.

      No I am not including the country in this, since we are going by the address where you live, and not from outside the country. Otherwise we could add, North America, Earth, and more as well.

      With the zip codes 3 we get even more socializing.

      So your apartments energies include all of the aboveÖ leading you up to a full 36 = 9. Making it a great place for finishing things off and getting ready to move on to the next thing.

      This would be a great place for someone who likes to be around people, to talk, be merry, enjoy good company, have fun, etc. It is also good for someone who is caring and sharing. It is not a good place for anyone wanting to get serious about things, to make money, who likes quiet and peace, or who is trying to study or learn something.

      So, as you can see, there is a lot to the numbers around you. Yes you may not want to go around calculate everything. Or maybe you would like to. Yet either way, it is good to know that you can stop and look at these aspects to see what is going on. To see if something that is, or isnít, happening in your life is something that is being effected by the place you live, your work address, your phone number, etc.

      You never know, that last little b on your 1247b address may be causing you no end of fuss in your life. Or it may be the added push you really needed to get it working.

Happy Calculating!

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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