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Ethics and Numerology
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      This is a quick article on things to be careful of, that you may already do now or do in the future, when living with and working with Numerology.

      When one starts doing numerology, and usually even later after years of use, they like to look at the numbers of people, place, things, etc. However people seem to be the big focus for most Numerology students and this can lead to a bit of trouble.

      Yes, it is understandable for the Numerology student to want to know the numbers to all these things. It is normal and expected. When you start calculating you want to see what all things are, or at least all things important to you. However, as with anything else, you need to be careful as to when, where and how you use this information. Not to mention why you want to use it.

      Now it is so simple to get a name and a birth date and go on to do the basic calculation, but then you have to look at your intent for doing it. Why do you really want to know this information about that particular person? Is it something you really need to know at that time to understand that person? Do you want it for positive or negative reasons? What do you plan to do with the information once you have it? These, and more, are important questions you need to ask yourself every time you go to do any calculations on someone.

      Now I am not referring to professional Numerologists here. Although they should adhere to these things as well, but I am more addressing the person who is looking at the numbers of people for their own personal reasons. A professional Numerologist is looking at the numbers given to them by people so those people can then understand things about themselves, or about others in their lives (this is an area that also applies).

      However the professional Numerologist has no need to look at this information for anything other than what it is. A glimpse into part of that person as a whole. They have no need, when seeking to look at the information given, to see things other than what is actually there. Nor do they have any reason to make assumptions via said information.

      This, however, is often not true of individuals who are looking at the numbers of others. They have an intent. Granted, they may not have a negative intent, but still there is an intent. They want to know more about the person, their lives, their true selves, their compatibility, etc. There is a purpose in seeking out the information other than just for informationís sake. In this, is where we see the negatives can arise in their use of Numerology.

      Now anyone who is a student of Numerology is going to take a look at numbers, from basic to more in-depth, of people that come into their lives that they feel they should look at. Yet many people take it much farther than that. Not seeking the information just to get a look and understanding that this is just one aspect and there is much more to a person. No they are seeking to make full and longer term decisions and choices based on this limited information. Even a long time Numerology students and Numerologists fall into this trap sometimes. Even though they should know better. They are, after all, human too.

      It is so simple to meet someone and after a short time learn their birth name and birth date. From there you can learn a lot about them. Yet, should you? No, there is nothing wrong with looking. It is just a way to help you understand more about the person, if that is all your use it for. It is when you take it farther and allow it to be used to do things like pass judgments or push people out of your lives, or try to drag some in, that things start to get very fuzzy.

      Example: You meet a new person and you think you might be interested in them, say romantically. You, after a short time (or first date if you are inclined) acquire their full name at birth and their birth date. This is where things get blurred and often go off course.

      Now, if you are a balanced person and just a seeker of knowledge as a whole, you will take that information, do a few calculations and only use the info gathered to understand things. However, if you are not so balanced, then you will be seeking to find out what you can about that person that you may not need to find out. You may also wind up using what ever information you glean to then either push farther into their lives, or get out quick. Yet, in doing this, you have just abused both them and the Numerology you used to gain that information.

      Now there is nothing at all wrong with getting that information. Their birth name and birth date. And there is nothing wrong with doing the calculations. That is pretty normal. It only becomes a problem when you start to do them for every person you can, or without trying to know that person in other ways, or with the intention of doing any kind of harm.

      This is why it is really important to use it with only the best of intentions and to also only use it as a starting point, or additional point, of reference when understanding a person (or place or thing). Never let this be the whole or sum total of how you see them. To let only one aspect of seeing a person be the deciding factor in how things go between you and them is a very bad idea. So if you use Numerology, Astrology and/or other methods of gaining information, please be sure to remember that is only a small look at a larger picture that makes up that person.

      I hope this helps you see that Numerology is a very important tool that must be used wisely and with care. Good luck in your good works.

Happy Calculating!

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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