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Universal Numbers for 2015
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      This coming year has been touted by so many as a year of big, if not huge, changes. Well while that is completely possible, this article is not going to be looking at all that. What it is looking at are the Universal Numbers for the year and months in 2015.

      With the new year fast approaching, so many are seeking to make changes in their lives. Every year this happens. people make resolutions, promise to make changes, etc... but is it actually the right time, numerologically speaking, for the changes you are seeking to make? Perhaps it is time to look at the numbers for yourself and see.

      Granted, the Personal Numbers for each individual will be different (although some will actually match) the Universal Numbers for the year, but remember Universal Numbers effect all. No matter the personal ones. These numbers have a more subtle yet broader effect and must be considered when looking into anyone’s numerology information.

      So, back to the info at hand, 2015 and it's months. Well let's see...

      The year itself is going to be a 5 Universal Year. That is a good thing for the world, at least to a point, as we need that more fun and relaxed energy that comes with a 5. Especially after the prior 4, which was truly full of lots of hard work, on many levels. How much positive the 5 year will bring is determined on how much was really accomplished in the 4 year before. Did the world put in the effort required to move forward? Did governments work to make things better? Did companies? Did states? Did individuals? These are what will determine the energy put forth in the coming 5 year.

      Now to be honest, the energy of individuals doesn't have as large of an effect as the others on the Universal Number energy. However, things done in groups, or by large majorities of people, those will have had an effect on the things accomplished in the 4 year, and the subsequent energy to come in the 5.

      The 4 year was all about buckling down and working through things. Putting in the effort to really get what had been started in the prior three years really moving, growing and building. It is the time where rest really isn't an option. It is for responsibility, hard work, budgets, and also for showing how much you care, being honest and trustworthy. If these things were not established in the 4 year, then it will make for a less fun filled 5 year.

      In 2011 a lot of work was actually accomplished. Many things were brought out and addressed. Granted, they may not have been fixed, but they were worked on. This is good for the world and for the coming 5 year. It means that, in many cases, the right effort was put in to move on to the next level. Now there could have been a lot more done. Many groups, government, etc. seemed to only put in the most minimal of efforts in this realm, which will show in the 5. Yet when you look at the year overall, 2011 really was a year of organizing and work. The companies that hadn't set themselves up well prior to it (and the prior 3 years) are the ones suffering the most now.

      In 2015, those who did work and bring forth change for larger numbers will get a bit more fun this coming year. 5 Universal Years are really great if you can accept that they will try to bring fun to your world, no matter what stage you are personally in, yet not absolve you of having to be responsible. That is where a lot of people, and larger groups, get lost. In the have fun and relax aspect of a 5 year, be it Universal or Personal. They want that energy, yet they didn't work to get it (in the 1 - 4 years) and are not ready for what comes after it (in the 6-9 years). This is what leads to many large falls, for companies, groups, etc.

      The 5 Universal Year to come is all about personal growth and enjoyment. Now that doesn't mean you aren't going to be doing anything of merit, it just means that the overall energy behind it will be much lighter than it was the year before. This year will add a bit of 'this is fun, enjoy it' energy to all things done. Should you be in a 5 Personal Year as well (and have worked your best in the prior 4 Personal Year) you have one interesting year ahead of you. Those are the people that will really enjoy this year. And the 5 Personal Year ones who didn't do that, well this will be a complicated year for you. The rest of the population will too, just in lesser form.

      2015 will be full of a lot of energy, on all fronts. This energy, although not negative itself, can have consequences that are negative. Major energy for the planet, and her people, can create strange outcomes. This doesn't mean that there will be more major storms than other years, or huge disasters, it just means that there is a very different kind of energy flowing through and around the world than there was in 2011. In a positive way it can lead to more compassion, caring, sharing, enjoyment, entertainment, learning, travel, etc. In a negative way it can lead to more excess, more lashing out, more violence, more discontent and unrest. Especially from those not having done what they should have in the prior years (1-4). They will create the most upset and problems in 2015.

      A lot of people really have not lived in the energy of the prior years. So many living in anger and upset, or avoiding what should be done, that it may lead to a lot more unrest from them in 2015. Let's hope not though. Just try to do what fits for you and not allow others to drag you down.

And for the Months of 2015...

      With January starting off the years as a 6 Universal Month it should help set the pace for what will be important for the year. Family, friends, comfort, home, commitments. This is a month for bettering yourself and setting your goals. It is a good way to start a year. October will also be a 6 Universal Month.

      It is good to note what numbers fall twice in a year, as those are the ones we are given again to address, to make sure we get it right. Call them a chance to address what we may have not done the last time they came around in the year. For those that actually did address them, then the month should be more meaningful for them.

      In February we have a 7 Universal Month. Here the energy is to look within. To work on yourself and your goals. Granted this is in a Universal form rather than Personal, so it will be a more overall call to this rather than a personal one. This is a month to be planning out your year and setting up what you want to come. You will find this again in November's 7 Universal Month.

      March brings us an 8 Universal Month. This one is all about taking control, doing what is right, bringing honesty and truth to the world and of course finances. This is the month where the world has the opportunity to right things that hadn't be taken care of before. It is a time to do what is right, for all. December will also be a 8 Universal Month.

      Now we come to April. This is going to be our 9 Universal Month for the year. It is where things change. It is where tolerance and compassion are born and shown. Where things are to end, sort of a spring cleaning (which is appropriate considering the month it happens in), removing the old to make way for the new to come. This is the month we all should be making sure we don't leave anything hanging. Anything not finished this month could be waiting a long time.

      Onward to May, our 1 Universal Month. This may be the fifth month of the year, but it is the real 'start' month of the Universal Year. Here is where we start fresh. Moving forward from the prior things we have accomplished and finished in the prior months, and getting our new path started out on the right foot. We should expect a lot of actual changes in May this year. However, they may not be seen by the populace until much later.

      June brings us an 11/2 Universal Month. These are interesting months, where both a Master Number and a standard number are present. This means that we as a people have the ability to work with the 11 Master Number energy or the 2 energy this month. Neither is better than the other. 2 is a wonderful number. The 11 is just more evolved, so to speak.

      The 2 speaks of diplomacy, politics, working together, public thought and peace. While the 11 is for inspiration, spiritual things, beliefs, revival of the spirit, and even promotion. So they are both good, just addressing different levels.

      Then we are in July, which is a 3 Universal Month. This is when we get social. When people want to get out, do things, enjoy each others company, get outside, etc. Which seems appropriate that it falls in July this year as it is a good time to be out and about. July this year should be much more social than it was in the last year.

      Our 4 Universal Month falls in August. This is the month where work will be very important. However, unlike in 2011's 4 Universal Year, the 5 Universal year of 2015 will make this 4 Universal Month much more enjoyable. Work is still work, but it will seem less intense this August.

      September brings us our 5 Universal Month. This should be a very energetic month. Granted that could lead to major excess on some peoples part, and with that brings a lot of bad choices and actions, however, for most of us, it means a really nice, enjoyable September.

      October, November and December all have numbers that are the second time around for the year, so they have already been addressed.

      NOTE: There is no 22/4 Universal Month in the year 2015. It is rare to have a 22/4 Universal Month in a year. Since it is such a high number, it doesn't come in every year. The last time we had a 22/4 Universal Month was in November 2009. The next one will be in November 2018.

      I hope this helps you get started on your calculations for 2015. Remember to add these in when you look at your own personal numbers and have a Wonder Filled New Year.

Happy Calculating!

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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