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Universal Holiday Numbers in December 2011
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      December of 2011, like every year, is filled with many different days celebrated by many different people, however only some of these holidays will be touched upon in this article.

      Each year people seek out similar things, experiences, settings, people, etc., without realizing that each year the numbers, and their energy, is different on those days. This can lead to both extremely great days or seriously disappointing ones.

      Now, we are talking Universal Numbers only here. Personal ones are quite different. This is all about how the day is overall. For all people. Effecting all with the same number energy. Versus Personal Numbers which would effect only specific individuals.

      On any given day you have many different numbers effecting you. Some of these being Universal Year Number, the Universal Month Number, the Universal Day Number, your own Personal Year, Month and Day Numbers, the actual Calendar Day Numbers for any given day, and quite a few others. Some people would also include numbers for the week of the year, the time of the day, etc. The list is a tad long. For now, we are focusing on the Universal Numbers for this time. The Year, Month and Day Universal Numbers for a few of the holidays in December 2011.

      If you can take the time to look at the Universal Numbers for these days, it may help you get through some of these holidays with a much brighter perspective and perhaps have a bit more fun.

      Here is a short list of meanings for numbers. This can be attributed to the numbers no matter what area you are looking at, but remember this is just a basic list. It is meant to get you started, and give you a glimpse. To understand any number, for any given aspect of a life, you would need much more detailed information. And remember, while the information is similar for all area for any given number, the way it affects that area, the means to which it will show itself, is quite different in say a Life Path versus a Universal Day. So that said, let us move on.

Short Number Meanings

  1 = The Start / Beginning. New things to try, see, do, attract. Choices to make. Action. Independence.

  2 = The Organizing. Working with the deeper self. Balance of opposites. Cooperation. Partnerships. Planning.

  3 = The Waiting. Working with others. A time of connection. Creativity. Optimism. Expression. Imagination.

  4 = The Work. Building from what you have planned. Responsible. Practical. Order. Creation.

  5 = The Break. Step back and look at your progress. Have fun. Adventure. Travel. Explore. Play.

  6 = The Connection. Time for Love and Family. Understanding. Healing. Duty. Comfort. Nurturing. Harmony.

  7 = The Learning. Seeking to find you. Contemplative. Introspection. Spiritual Paths. Hidden. Seeking.

  8 = The Achievement. The Abundance from your works. Strength. Self-Discipline. Power. Success. Intensity.

  9 = The Compassion. Sharing of your achievements. Selflessness. Love. Wisdom. Spirituality. Healing. Blending.

11 = The Message. Helping others find their way. Bringer of Joy. Inspiring. Teaching. Energetic. Enthusiasm. Visionary.

22 = The Builder. Joining all to work together. Visionary. Idealism. Expansion. Connection. Transformation. Inspiring.

The Holidays

Please note: Only holidays that happen on individual days (and happen after the date of this article) are listed.

All of these dates will carry with them a 4 for the Universal Year and a 7 for their Universal Month Number.

December 2011 Holidays and their Numbers.

Human Rights Day - 10th
  - 8 for the Universal Day and 1 the for the 10th.

Winter Solstice - 21st or 22nd
(depending on where you live)
  - 1 for the Universal Day and 3 the for the 21st.
  - 11 & 2 for the Universal Day and 22 & 4 the for the 22nd.

Festivus - 23rd
  - 3 for the Universal Day and 5 the for the 23rd.

Christmas Eve - 24th
  - 4 for the Universal Day and 6 the for the 24th.

Christmas - 25th
  - 5 for the Universal Day and 7 the for the 25th.

Boxing Day - 26th
  - 6 for the Universal Day and 8 the for the 26th.

New Year's Eve - 31st
  - 11 & 2 for the Universal Day and 4 the for the 31st.

      On the dates that carry two numbers, a master and regular number, you should always look at the aspects of both numbers.

      Now it is up to you. How will these days go for you? How will they effect your plans and those around you? With a little more digging you can look into your Personal Numbers (and those of those you will be around) to see what kind of energy you, and they, will be working with on those days as well. Then, perhaps, you can all have much happier holidays.

Happy Calculating!

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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