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Universal Numbers versus Personal Numbers
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      Universal Numbers pertain to all people, no matter what their Personal Numbers may be. Where as Personal Numbers pertain only to those people experiencing that particular number at that particular time.

Example: Let's take the date New Year's Eve, December 31st, 2011 ... 12/31/2011... The Universal Numbers that apply here would be as follows.

Universal Year = 13 / 4
(2+11=13, then digit down 1+3=4)

Universal Month = 16 / 7
(Universal Year + Calendar Month, 13+1+2=16, digit down 1+6=7)*

Universal Day = 20 / 2
(Universal Year + Calendar Month + Calendar Day, 13+1+2++3+1=20, digit down 2+0=2)*

* Note: In calculating these I am showing you as if you are calculating all the numbers at one time. Year + month and/or year + month + day. However if you say had already calculated the year, and digited down to 4, then you would/could still just add the month, 4+1+2=7 Still getting you the same end result, without the digiting down. The same goes for adding on a day if the other calculations have already been done.

      Both ways work just fine, in this case, as both will get you the same end result. However, if you are wanting to look into the deeper, and subtle additional aspects to any date, or any calculation for the matter, then you would need the full numbers, before digiting down, as well.

      Now when doing Personal Years or Months or Days the calculations change, just a bit.

      To find out the Personal Year for someone you first need to know the Universal Year number. Hence why I addressed Universal Numbers first. You would then add the persons birth month and day to the Universal Year. That will give you their Personal Year number. From there on the calculations are just like with Universal Years, only now you are working with Personal ones. So the Personal Year would be added to the Calendar Month and the Calendar Day, to get Personal Months and Personal Days respectively.

So lets, again, use New Year's Eve 2011 as an example.

The Universal numbers for this date would be, 12/31/2011...
The Universal Year for 2011 is.. 13 / 4
The Universal Month would be.. 16 / 7
The Universal Day would be.. 20 / 2

Then the Universal Day for 12/31/2011 is a 20 / 2

      Remember you must leave 11's and 22's unreduced when calculating with them. I would suggest also doing this with 33's.

      This date will be the same Universal Number for everyone. So for everyone the Date of 12/31/2011 is a 2 day. That is the overlying energy for that date.

Now lets look at this date from a Personal Day perspective.

      Say John Parker (random name, no one in particular) was born on the 23rd day of December, 12/23. The year he was born in is not relative to calculating Personal Days, Personal Months or Personal years, so I am not including that here.

      Now he is already subjected to the Universal Numbers for the date, the Years 4, the Months 7 and the Days 2, but those are secondary to his Personal Numbers.

      For John's Personal Numbers we, as explained earlier, you need to add the Universal Year, to the persons Birth Month and Birth Day to get their Personal Year Number.

      So for John, The Universal Year we know is 13 / 4, add this along with his birth month and day of 12/23 and you get a Personal Year of 21 / 3 (2+11+1+2+2+3=21), or 12 / 3 (4+1+2+2+3=12), depending on how you calculated it. So, John's Personal Year is a 3.

      Now we add in the Calendar Month 12 for December, and his December for this year will be a Personal Month of 6. Lastly, to this 6 you add the Calendar Day, to get the Personal Day of 10/1. So for John December 31's, 2011, New Year's Eve, will be a Personal Day of 1.

      This will effect what he wants to do on this day. Where his mindset is and what he will be focusing on at the end of the year. On top of the energy he is getting from the Universal Numbers for that day.

      Now try it on yourself. What is your Personal Year this year? What Personal Month are you currently experiencing? Your Pesonal day today or tomorrow, what is happening there? And what will your Personal Day Number hold for you this New Year's Eve?

Happy Calculating!

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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