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The Tarot of the Revelation - A Review
Author of "The Tarot of the Revelation": Dr. Christopher Earnshaw

Review Written by:
An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

Excerpt from book:

      "The earliest Tarot cards date from the late 1380s, and from that date until 1910, the images were fairly constant. In 1909-10 A. E. Waite redesigned the cards, introducing many controversial concepts. Sine then all Tarot decks have been based on either the earlier Marseilles design or the later Rider-Waite design. What is fundamentally different about The Tarot of the Revelation is that I have endeavored to go back to the roots of these designs, which I found in the Bible. This would not have been possible if I had not have studied the work of Edgar Cayce and his interpretation of the Book of Revelation. Of course all this is explained in the book.

      The importance of this discovery, I believe, is that firstly the book shows that man must reevaluate his relationship with God, or whatever the supreme power is called. Secondly, it is man's ability to communicate directly with his Maker that has been feared and suppressed by organized religion for the last two thousand years. Lastly, people are more and more not willing to accept dogma and superstition but want to understand and experience the power/grace/support of God/Universe for themselves. I hope this book goes part of the way to showing that not only is it possible, but it is necessary."

- Christopher Earnshaw PhD, Author

      I must say that after reading the this in the letter that accompanied the book, my interest was peeked. It was given further fuel by the following, from the first page of the book.

      "The Tarot of the Revelation, an expressive divination method as well as a powerful spiritual system. Unlock the penetrating truth of the Book of Revelation and unveil the hidden Gnostic wisdom of the Bible. Discover and utilize the authentic nature and power of the Tarot, a spiritual tool until now shrouded by centuries of secrecy and superstition."

      From all this I expected this to be a serious and well documented book on the Tarot and I must say in this I was not disappointed.

      I must point out that hearing someone say the Tarot and the Book of Revelation are connected made me both curious and leery. For many years we have have seen and heard Christians, as well as others, call the Tarot an evil tool, yet they could never tell us why. Why is it evil? Oh yes there were lots of excuses and so called reasons for why they are evil, but no one could give solid answers. I feel this book helps explain why they have hidden behind this "they are evil" belief.

      Please note that I am doing this review without having seen the deck that is to accompany Dr. Earnshaw's book. They, at the time the book was read, were not available. I hope to be able to see them, and perhaps do a more in-depth review, at a later date.

      I was not disappointed at all with this book and its interpretations of the connection between the Book of Revelation and Tarot, however I must say this is not a book for everyone.

      For the serious tarot student (as I personally feel all are students, never masters) this is a book to add to your collection. Its connections to the Book of Revelations are much more understandable and profound than any other so called connections I have read. And there have been many of those. People love to say that Tarot is about this or that. They love to call other types of decks Tarot, but in the end, this is just folly. The Tarot is what it is. From my personal perspective, which includes over 20 years of reading Tarot cards, this book gives a much more serious in-depth reasoning for their existence than anything else I have read. It fits well with the way I have personally treated and used Tarot over the years.

      However, with this I must say that this book, and the deck to follow, are not for the casual Tarot reader or the novice. This is not said or to be taken lightly. This book is not like most Tarot books out there. It contains a lot of important and in-depth information that, if you are not already well versed in the Tarot will not be easily or correctly understood. Think of it as trying to perform a delicate operation on someone without having the training or the tools to do so.

      Please do not get me wrong. I am not saying one needs as many years a I have with the Tarot, or even more than that, before you will be ready for this book. I am, however, saying that if you do not have a good grasp of all aspects of Tarot you will not fully understand, appreciate, nor be able to access the true meanings of this serious yet wonderful book.

      This book is not your typical "how to read Tarot" kind of book. It is not trying to help you learn layouts and how to pose questions. It is a very in-depth look at the origins of Tarot. The heart, soul and body of Tarot, rather than just the playful side which most already know. There is a serious side that those true students of Tarot understand (again I say, I personally feel all are students, never masters). These are the people that seek to learn more, look deeper, find other paths and ways Tarot works in the world. Reading Tarot cards is one thing, learning from there is something very different. This the serious student knows..

      Now, I must admit, many will be thrown by the biblical references. There are a lot of Christians that will be upset by this, and a lot of non-Christian Tarot readers and students as well. Those people are not ready to read this book. They may pick it up and read it, anyone can do that, but they will not understand nor learn from it when they start with a closed mind.

      I must admit, not being a fan of Edgar Cayce myself, made me wonder where this book was going go to. I am sure there are others who will be put in this same position, and still others that will see his name and be attracted because of it. Do not let either view stop you from looking at this book with open and objective eyes. As it deserves nothing less.

      The back cover of the book says:

      "For the first time ever, the real origins of the Tarot have been uncovered, and with that startling discovery - that the Tarot is no less than a powerful tool for spiritual development, until now known to very few, and decoded by none other than the greatest American psychic ever, Edgar Cayce.

      The Tarot of the Revelation is a tool both for advanced Tarot readers and for those seeking spiritual growth, and while traditional Tarot systems follow the Marseilles or the Rider-Waite systems, the Tarot of the Revelation draws on a far older and richer source - the Bible.

The Book of Revelation has been protected by a curse for two millennia, but now its secrets are finally revealed!"

Now I can't say I agree with all of the above. As I said before I am not a Cayce fan, so that aspect of the first paragraph I disagree with. I also am not so sure about the last line either. The rest, however, in my own opinion, is exactly right.

      If you want to know more about the Tarot and the Book of Revelations, and have an open mind with which to view this information, then this is a must read for you.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am happy to add it to my collection.

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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