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The 'Real Years' when November 11th is Numerologically significant
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      This article is meant to try and clear up some misinformation that has been going around the net saying that November 11th (this happens almost very year now) is of some large numerological significance.

      Please note that the numbers mentioned here are only are referring to universal numbers, not personal ones.

      All the information seen online so far, (email, websites, etc., ) on this particular topic, has not used correct numerological calculations. Let's take the year 2005. Which is when this seemed to become a popular bit of misinformation. All references seem to be adding the date as follows. 11-11-2005 as 11+11+7=11. Well, that doesn't quite work.

      Now you may be thinking that it must be 11+11+2+5, that is the problem. It isnít the actual problem. Adding it this way would make no alteration in the calculations. It is the omission of the actual number they add up to, to only show the 11, that makes the information wrong. 11+11+7 (or 2+5) actually adds up to 29, then you would add the 2 and 9 together (digit down) to get 11.

      This doesn't mean that the date changes and isn't an 11. It is. It just isn't a direct 11. You can't get a direct 11 out of any November 11th. And as 11+11+7 this still would not be significant enough to warrant the attention it has been given.

      Now let us move forward to this year, 2011. Again there are things floating around all over on how it is a big deal... 11-11-11. Again, they are giving misinformation. What happened to the 2? It is actually 11-11-2011 Making the total for the day 35 and then 8, not 33.

      There is nothing wrong with a universal day of 8 rather than 33. And nothing less important about the day. All days are important and significant. Just on different levels.

      Now there are dates that do add up to a direct 11. They happen all year long, every year. There are also ones that add up to a direct 22. However they never happen on November 11th. It just isn't possible.

      To clarify, a 'direct' number means it wasn't digited down to get to the number (i.e. 38, 29, etc.,) Those would be digited down.

      Now if you want numbers (and dates) that should get attention, please do read on.

November 11th, when this date is actually important.

      November 11th is most important when it, added with its year, add up to the number 33. There are other dates/years that add up to 33, but they aren't quite the same.

      What makes these dates different from other years or times that a date may come to a 33 (or an 11 year as some speak of) is that it is a direct 33 year. No larger number being digited down to make 33 (or 11 as the case may be). 1703 1+7+3=11. etc. Making the numbers you are adding 11+11+11=33. This is a significant number that comes along only every so often in time. It has been quite a while since we had one of these years. Most people alive today have not seen a 11+11+11=33 year.

      Thankfully, this is about to change. And none to soon.

      Not all people find the 33 to be a significant number in numerology (using only the 11 and 22), however there is a growing number of those who are seeing it in a new light. No matter if regularly used by most numerologist or not, the meaning is significant.

      You will also note that the frequency of the dates will increase now that we have passed the 2000 mark.

     Between 1700 and 2200, on November 11th of each year, we get perfect 33 days (11+11+11=33 years) during the following years.


      Hopefully this information helps shed light on what dates you should actually be made note of and helps people to spot incorrect calculations a bit more easily.

* Note: The date, 11-11-1811, was not included above due to fact that the 11 in 1811, would be added as 11 rather than as two 1's. This then would not lead to the number 33, but to the number 42. Now had the year been 1118 it would have made the list since this would have been calculated as 1+1+1+8, since there isn't a true 11 in this year.

      Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion.

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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