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What is "Clair....?"
Written by: An Enchanted Spirit ~ Nancy

      Almost everyone I meet, psychic or not, seems to have not heard of some of these words, be it one or all of them. And rarely does one find actual good definitions for them. Everyone seems to have their own description for each.

      So, after the who knows how many times I have been asked "What is Clair....?" or "What does this Clair... mean?", I lost count years ago, I decided to share these...

Clairaudience (Clairaudient)

     The power or faculty of hearing something not present to the ear but regarded as having objective reality.


     Perception of messages in thought forms from an entity who exists in another realm. You "hear" what they are saying in though form messages.

     You may actually hear them singing in your head yet there is no auditory sounds.

     Many of us receive messages this way from spirit guides, or other entities. When a person loses a loved one they often receive messages from them. Often the messages is preceded by a floral fragrance.

     Many of us become aware of this skill when we are in danger and that "little inner voice" sends a warning. This causes us to respond instantly though we are not sure why. In times of crises we tend to listen and trust what our thoughts tell us.

     When I do my readings I often speak with the client's deceased loved ones and spirit guides. Sometimes the clients higher self will send me a message telepathically.

     When the information comes through, there may be a pressure on top of the head (opening of the crown chakra), body sensation . . . chills, tingles, hair standing on end, or other sensations.

     Learning to listen to different entities is as much fun as learning to listen to different people. You soon can distinguish their voices (frequencies).

Clairgustance (Clairgustant)

     Awareness of an entity on the other side by the sense of taste. A sense experienced in the mouth.

     It could by a favorite food associated with a deceased entity, or in many instances the way a deceased person prepared the food to taste.

Clairredolence (Clairredolent)

     Awareness of an entity on the other side by the sense of smell. A sense experienced in the nose.

     It could by a favorite food smell associated with a deceased entity. A persons perfume, body odor, their favorite flower or cigar, or any other one of numerous smells that could be associated with that particular spirit.

Clairsentience (Clairsentient)

     Experiencing other realities or entities through one or more of the five senses: sight (seeing), hearing (listening), smelling, feeling (touch), and tasting.

Clairvoyance (Clairvoyant)

     The power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the senses. The ability to perceive matters beyond the range of ordinary perception: penetration.

     Clairvoyance is the art of "seeing" with senses beyond the five we normally use. Clairvoyance is often called the "sixth sense". It is related to the images that are always present in your mind but you do not connect to. You will experience images, colors, and often animated scenes.

     In clairvoyance we "see" with what is commonly called the "third eye". In the human body there is a gland called the pineal gland. It is located in the back area of the brain almost in the center of the head. This gland has degenerated from its original size comparable to a ping pong ball to its present size comparable to a pea, because we forgot how to use it a long time ago when our breathing patterns changed.

     The pineal gland looks like an eye, and in some respects, it is literally an eyeball. It is round and has an opening on one portion. In that opening is a lens for focusing light. It looks upward. It's hollow and it has color receptors inside.

     Just as the eyes on our face can look up to 90 degrees away from the direction they are set, the pineal gland can also "look" as much as 90 degrees away from its set direction (up). And just as we cannot look out the back of our heads, the pineal gland cannot look down.

     Held inside the pineal gland - even in its shrunken size - are all the geometries and understandings of exactly how reality was created. It's all there, in every person. Most of us lost our memories during the fall and are just now starting to re-member and access these geometries and understandings.

     Without our memories we started to breathe differently. Pranic energy used to flow right through the center of the pineal gland. Instead of taking in prana through the pineal gland and circulating it up and down our central tube, we started breathing it in through the nose and mouth. This caused the prana to bypass the pineal gland, which resulted in our seeing things in a totally different way, through a different interpretation of the reality called polarity consciousness.

     The result of this polarity consciousness has us thinking that we're inside a body looking out, somehow separated from what's out there.

     Mankind is evolving to a frequency where clairvoyance will be part of daily life. For many people this gift comes naturally - especially with children.

     Some people become clairvoyant after a unique experience such as a Near Death Experience, ET Abduction, high fever, serious accident, blow to the head area, or opening of the kundalini energies.

     Some people use chemical stimulants or hallucinogens to heighten their awareness. This is something I do not advise as the information may not be accurate and physical side effects may occur later on.

     Clairvoyance connects to the right side of the brain - the feminine, creative, and intuitive aspects. That is why you may tend to feel physical sensations in on the left side of your body when you work clairvoyantly.

     Some people feel that they can receive information clairvoyantly at certain times of their lives, but not at others. These times are sometimes stress related. At these times we tend to revert back to gifts we had long ago when we all clairvoyant. It is through bio-genetic restructuring over thousands of years that this and other gifts have become dormant.

     With the reactivation of several of our DNA strands --->reactivation of our cellular memory - the innate abilities we took for granted long ago in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria will quickly be returning to us in the near future. This is one of the reasons so many of us feel an affinity for those periods in the planet's history. We are - merging - going back to those frequencies. For those who have already reactivated these strands - they are processing on a higher level - are doing "light work" and are presently here to assist in the transition.

     Every cell in our bodies is being placed in a higher frequency at this time. This is true for every sentient life form on the planet now. Some souls are remembering the return to higher frequencies and are preparing slowly while others will have to make the leap quickly when the program ends. If those souls are merging back with others aspects of their multidimensional selves that are already in higher frequencies - which will be the case for most life forms who are still "asleep" - then the transition will not be difficult - a bit confusing perhaps - but will be done quickly - as this all happens in a period of time that is so fast - we can not measure it - as there is no measurements.

     Hundreds of years ago - to possess the gift of clairvoyance - one was considered a witch - as unknown knowledge was "feared" (the emotion which keeps us trapped on this planet). Anything connected to "higher frequency" information was forbidden. Hopefully humanity has come into an enlightened state in which we are activating. As a result our psychic abilities would not only be accepted but currently sought after and developed by many souls on the journey in to awareness.


     Unusually perceptive: discerning. Of or relating to clairvoyance. One having the power of clairvoyance. Involving, eliciting, characterized by, or based on empathy.

Peace To You, An Enchanted Spirit

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